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California Three-Strikes Law Attorney

San Jose Criminal Defense Lawyer

California has one of the toughest sentencing laws for defendants charged under its Three Strikes law. A defendant's past conviction of a "violent" or "serious" felony may qualify as a strike and lead to serious penal consequences. For example a second strike will result in double the normal penalties, and a third strike for any felony conviction, even if not a "violent" or "serious" felony, may result in a defendant facing 25 years to life in prison.

Three strike cases can be among the most difficult in criminal defense law for defendants and their families; the combination of California minimum sentences and nuances of the law can create an overwhelmingly emotional situation. Moreover, when individuals don't understand their rights, or don't have an attorney who can investigate thoroughly, the sentence could be life imprisonment rather than one of much less severity. Fortunately, three strikes law is an area in which I am experienced. Early on I was one of the first attorneys to develop a three strikes package which I use both for settlement negotiations and to argue in favor of striking strikes.

California Three-Strikes Law Lawyer

Three-strikes law is an area where I put an extremely high premium on the underlying backbone of my criminal defense method: investigation. After reviewing all of the details of a case with my clients, I assemble a specific team from my network that consists of some of the most experienced and knowledgeable investigators in Northern California.

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I've had cases where the outcome appeared dire, and after proper investigation, I've been able to get nearly all charges dropped. When we can't completely beat the charges, my aim is to create the image that we can. This can limit a client's exposure to lengthy sentences. The key, however, to the best possible outcome, is immediate action with an experienced defense team. Call my San Jose office at 408-995-5555 or e-mail me to set up a free consultation to discuss any element of your three-strikes case.

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