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San Jose Sexual Assault Defense Attorney

Sex crimes are among the most difficult for the defense attorney and the client. The defendant is usually assumed to be guilty, despite the rule of law stating that a person charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty. In addition to defending a client against the legal charges of rape or other sex crimes, a defense lawyer must also defend clients in the court of public opinion. This requires an experienced and skilled criminal attorney.

Contact My San Jose Law Firm Right Away

As your defense attorney, my job is to represent you and protect your rights. This is easier if I am contacted early on in an investigation, ideally before you have been charged. I have found that this gives me the opportunity to guide a client through the process and in some cases affect the outcome of an investigation.

One of the reasons I stress the importance of contacting me early is that this allows me to prevent a client from speaking to the police. As I tell my clients, "Once you talk to the police, you are stuck with that story, even if it is incorrect." In short, you have the right to not talk.

Examples of Sex Crime Cases

I defend clients charged with serious sex crimes that include:

  • Date rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Child pornography
  • Sexual assault

The stakes are high in these cases, and conviction can lead to a lengthy prison sentence and a listing on the California sex offender registry for life. Registration can affect your ability to work, live where you want and travel freely. It is critical to have a defense lawyer who will mount a strong effort to prevent you from being listed as a sex offender.

Investigation: A Strength of My Legal Practice

A hallmark of my legal practice is thorough investigation. I work with experienced investigators who will explore the physical evidence assembled by the police and prosecution, and examine the backgrounds of all individuals involved in the case. When my legal team analyzes a case, we ask a lot of questions that the police may not have asked. This can often turn a case in a new direction and keep my client off the sex offender registry.

Call my San Jose office at 408-995-5555 or e-mail me to set up a free consultation to speak with a San Jose sexual assault defense lawyer.

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