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San Jose Gang Crime Attorney

Santa Clara County Felony Defense Lawyer

Alfredo M. Morales has handled numerous gang crime matters ranging from first degree murder to violent assaults. It is extremely important to hire someone experienced in these matters.

Today there exists numerous crimes and sentencing enhancements to punish those who have been convicted of or associated with a criminal street gang. A criminal street gang is defined as any organization, association or group of 3 or more persons (whether formal or informal) which has 1) continuity of purpose, 2) seeks a group identity, 3) has members who individually or collectively have engaged in criminal activity.

An experience defense attorney will closely examine the facts underlying a gang prosecution. By way of example a defense attorney critically examine the following issues:

  1. Is the accused in fact a gang member? Too often an accused will be unfairly labeled as a gang member simply because of the neighborhood he grew up in or people he associates with. Other times an accused who in fact broke away from the gang lifestyle finds himself pulled into an incident unintentionally or for reasons unrelated to gang activity and consequently charged as unlawful gang activity.
  2. Was the alleged crime committed for the benefit of a gang? Often times crimes by documented gang members are not committed for the benefit of that gang but for that persons benefit. One example is where a person steals and robs to feed his drug habit. Another is where a person involves himself for a personal issue unrelated to criminal activity. These scenarios can lead to gang charges and the harsh penalties associated with such charges.
  3. Can the defense limit "Gang Expert" testimony? The rules of evidence allow a broad array of gang expert testimony, however there are limits to this type of evidence. An experienced defense attorney will anticipate the nature and extent of the gang expert's testimony and seek judicial rulings that limit the scope of such testimony so as to avoid unnecessary prejudice at trial.

Gang crimes range from drug sales to homicide, kidnapping, robbery and trespassing. If you or someone you know has been charged with gang crimes you will need experienced legal representation.

I have been at the forefront of developing solid defense strategies for clients charged with gang crimes. I also have in-depth knowledge of the immigration issues and consequences that may come into play when an individual is charged with a gang-related crime or any other crime.

San Jose Gang Crime Lawyer

Because of the subtlety of the issue, it's incredibly important to work with an experienced and committed legal team; as with many issues of criminal defense, just one word or turn of a phrase can substantially alter the outcome, and by proxy, the sentencing of a case.

Call 408-995-5555 or e-mail me to discuss or set up a free initial consultation on how to proceed on your gang crime case.

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